Fancy your own slice of Paradise?

Paradise is a purpose-built, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, with integrated workflow and event tracking of all activities – from campaign prospecting, through the entire sales lifecycle, to fulfillment.

Paradise has evolved over a period of 7 years in response to the needs to one of our marquee customers, The Helensvale Group (THG). THG are a prominent Telstra Channel Partner, and operate a diverse range of Retail and Business outlets, across South-East Queensland.

As partner to one of Australia’s largest, best known, and demanding brands, THG need a solution that covers all facets of their operations, and has the flexibility, adaptability, and scalability to respond quickly and effectively to the constantly changing requirements of the channel, and the market.

Particular attention has been paid to ensuring full Telstra compliance, while incorporating continuous customer engagement and communication, which in turn drives greater customer satisfaction – the central plank to the current Telstra channel strategy.

As THG’s business volume has grown, the need to drive fulfilment efficiences has also grown, and this is a major strength of Paradise, with full end-to-end visibility of all aspects of the cycle, including workflow management through skills-based routing of work to appropriately skilled resources.


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